About Us

Meet Your Trusted HVAC Team

Years ago, when owner Mel Bowman was learning the HVAC trade and working his way through college, he wasn’t happy with everything he witnessed as a young employee. Many times the company’s interests were put ahead of the client’s, and on a few occasions a client was dealt with less than honestly. It’s tough to enjoy the work you’re doing and feel proud about learning a trade and joining an industry, yet not feel good about how many of your clients are being treated, so Mel decided to do something about it. When he founded Bowman Heating and Air in Colorado, Mel knew he wanted to do right by his customers and grow his company honestly and naturally through hard work and dedication to family and community.


The husband and wife team Mel and Bobbie Sue are committed to always being honest and straightforward with their customers, employees and suppliers, and are dedicated to growing and expanding Bowman Heating and Air. Their goal is to become the leader in residential and commercial HVAC-R services in Colorado and the surrounding regions.