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We Keep Your Employees and Customers Happy

Commercial HVAC-R systems, including light commercial systems for offices, retail stores, and small workshops, are extremely important to the continued success of your business. When the heating or air conditioning system goes out at home, we may become uncomfortable, but outside of extreme weather conditions that may pose a threat to our health or our home’s infrastructure, we can usually “tough it out” until the system is repaired. However, when it comes to commercial HVAC-R systems, customers aren’t required to “tough it out,” especially when your competitors are right around the corner – there is nothing stopping them from leaving. Uncomfortable conditions within your retail store can quickly lead to disgruntled employees and vanishing customers that may never return.


Don’t Let Your HVAC-R System Ruin Your Reputation

If the HVAC-R system powering your office malfunctions, you may immediately see a decrease in employee productivity, an increase in time off and absences from the office, and in a worst case scenario, costly HR complaints. With commercial refrigeration systems, the stakes are even higher. Spoiled food can be incredibly costly to replace and you may be running the risk of needing to prematurely close your store or restaurant. If that happens, your reputation will be damaged and the continued viability of your business will be in question.

You Can Rely On Bowman Heating and Air

With so much riding on your commercial HVAC-R system, it pays to trust the experts at Bowman Heating and Air! Our systems are designed and installed with consistency, reliability, and energy efficiency in mind. The standard components we use will ensure that your system consistently keeps your customers and employees comfortable and your merchandise, including food products, are safe and ready for consumption.

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Praise For Bowman Heating and Air


The Perfect Referral for Heating and Air Service

"When we purchased our new 16,000 square foot building, we were happy to know Bowman Heating & Air are members in the Experience Pros Directory. They came highly recommended via several of our Experience Pros friends, and we are very pleased with the referral. It's easy for us to recommend them to you as well. They do great work!"

  - Rob


Bowman is Amazing

"I work for a property management company and Bowman was just recently referred to me by another contractor. Thus far my experience has been nothing but great. They are helpful and they seem to know their stuff. I am actually having them do 2 A/C installs in May and they have made things as easy as possible for me and being able to communicate specifics with my homeowners. Special thanks to Amanda.....YOU ARE AWESOME!!!"

  - Karen